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Affordable pre-owned bikes for sale

Are you ready to start the fitness plan of your dreams? Get the equipment you need from All Fix Fitness today! We have a wide array of new and refurbished units available for sale for competitive prices. You will love our high-end products from industry-leading brands such as Cybex, Life Fitness, Landice, True, Matrix, Precor, and SCI-FIT. If you are looking for a specific product, please let us know!


Warranties are available

Cybex 770R Recumbent Bike  $2,025

-Full Commercial








Cybex 770C Upright Bike  $1,850

-Full Commercial


                                                       Cybex 770C Upright Bike  $895

                                                        -As Is : Minor Rust










                                                   Cybex 530R Recumbent Bike  $1,095

                                                -Full Commercial



Cybex 530C Upright Bike  $695

-Full Commercial









True Fitness CS800 Recumbent Zero Barrier  $1,895

-Full Commercial







True Fitness CS800 Upright Bike  $1,395

-Full Commercial








True Fitness CS800 Upright Bike  $395

-As Is : Minor Rust





                                                      LifeFitness 95c Upright Bike  $895

                                                  -Full Commercial




Keiser M3 Spin Bike/Indoor Cycles. $425



                                                                       Schwinn Spin Bike  $100

                                                                  -Several Available

                                                                  -Units Rusty But Work Well










Most of our equipment is either brand-new or professionally refurbished. We carry a variety of strength and cardio equipment including treadmills, ellipticals and bikes.


Questions about our equipment?


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